Suze Orman Say Get Long Term Care Insurance before you get RE-married

Suze Orman is a fan of Long Term Care Insurance especially when people are getting re-married later in life. Suze Orman says that when people re-marry later in-life they often have assets that they or the family want to keep protected in-case their new spouse needs long term care such as in a nursing home. A trend is sweeping through America for older Americans who are getting married later in life that there future spouse get long term care insurance before they take a walk down the aisle.
Suze Orman says that Prenuptial agreements are popular with brides of a certain age (40-plus), who often have accumulated assets, careers, and lifestyles they want to protect. Now there’s a new prenup wrinkle, a clause specifying that hubby-to-be get a long term care insurance policy before walking down the aisle.”

According to Suze Orman, there were 2.4 million marriages in 2014, and the number is expected to increase in 2015 and beyond. As more and more people see parents and family members exhaust their life’s savings because of a lack of long term care insurance, couples before they are getting married are making each other purchase a long term care insurance policy says Suze Orman.

Suze Orman Long Term Care Insurance says who wants to play nurse for a loved one if it can be prevented cost effectively, so as each year passes more and more people are buying long term care insurance for themselves and their spouse. Keep in mind that once you are married you will be eligible for the spousal discount which can save you up to 40% off the annual premium.

Suze Orman says one of the best things you can do to prevent needing long term care in the first place is exercise! She works out five days a week at her home gym using the boyflex machine, yoga, free weights and is an avid runner. Suze Orman says when you do resistance exercise it helps keep the joints active and the muscles moving. Joint related issues and a big Long Term Care claim. So if you do decide to get re-married get long term care insurance and exercise with your new spouse as it is important to ensure people are able to maintain their independence.

How Much Does a Bowflex Treadclimber Cost?

If you have had your eye on the Bowflex Treadclimber and are impressed by its features, only one question remains:

“How Much Does a Bowflex Treadclimber Cost?”

After all, who wouldn’t want to start pricing out a model since the Bowflex Treadclimber actually packs three fitness machines in one unit. First, the Treadclimber offers a separate two-belt treadmill where you can run, jog, or walk. Unlike a regular treadmill, the split treadle design enables you to walk, jog, and run in a way that maximizes toning for glute and leg muscles. Next, this machine lets you use it like a traditional stair climber so you can get a decent aerobic workout like you would from a typical stepping routine. Finally, each machine’s rising treadle, during steps, rise up to meet your legs’ strides. This produces an elliptical machine effect which reduces joint strain while maximizing ergonomic motion.

Well, if you are just looking for pricing, the price of this unit is pretty straightforward. There are three models of Bowflex Treadclimber: the entry-level TC5 model comes in at $999, while mid-end TC10 model costs $2199, and the top-of-the-line TC20 rounds out the Treadclimber line at $3299. Instead of focusing solely on the numbers making up these units’ prices, you would do a better job of getting the best value of every red cent of your home fitness equipment budget by comparing these models based on benefits and features.

When looking at Treadmill/climber hybrid home workout equipment, you need to consider the following elements:

Treadmill Motor
This is the mechanism the powers the treadclimber. This mechanism directly impacts the quality of your workout and the amount of traction you’ll encounter as you workout. The higher the traction and the higher the altitude, the more intense the workout you’ll get.

This system tracks your heart rate, calories, and other biofeedback signals. You need a wide range of biofeedback information to gauge the intensity of your workout and also to see if your calorie burn rate matches your daily or weekly fitness goals. Feedback mechanisms are crucial for planning out and optimizing your workout plans.

Fitness equipment can go through lots of physical punishment and the right warranty ensures that you have peace of mind for at least a portion of the life of your workout equipment. You should also gain some measure of confidence regarding the quality of your workout equipment based on the length of its manufacturer warranty.

With the selection considerations above firmly in mind, consider the list of features and benefits of the following Bowflex Treadclimber models. By cross referencing the factors above with the actual features of each machine, you can get a clear picture of how the machine fits your workout goals. You can then pick the machine that makes the most sense in your particular situation.


If you are looking for a green way to work out indoors without using an electric motor, the TC5 has a lot to offer you. It doesn’t have a motor but is able to deliver a 4.5mph maximum speed. You don’t have to plug it in so say good-bye to potentially hazardous cords and wall plugs. You only need to get on this unit and start walking, and its console becomes operational. Your body provides the power for this motor-free unit and for people looking for a ‘pure’ unassisted workout, this is the TC5’s biggest draw. Your body’s muscles, weight, and energy helps produce a solid physical workout unassisted by a motor-driven treadmill. There is definitely no ‘cheating’ with this machine. It works purely on sweat power. Make sure you have enough ceiling clearance because the TC5’s treads’ maximum height from the floor is 17 inches.

Since the TC5 has no cords, plugs, or batteries, it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or any other goal-setting mechanism although it does have a console that lights up when you start using the unit. The console helps you measure calories, speed, and distance while helping you time your workout. This unit is also the easiest to store among the 3 different Treadclimber models due to its relatively small footprint.


The TC10 has a pretty beefy motor that powers its treadmill and other operations. This unit’s speed range is perfect for all types of users. If you prefer a casual walk, you can set it to run at its minimum speed of a half mph. If you’d like a heavier workout, you can increase the machine’s speed up to its 4mph limit. If you just want to get on the machine and get going without any specific workout plan in mind, don’t worrry-there’s a ‘Quick Start’ option that quickly puts you through your paces.

The TC10 enables you to monitor your calories, heart rate, speed, distance, and time using its four separate display screens. Keeping track of your key stats during a workout has never been this easy. Thanks to its G.O. goal setting feature, you can track your personal progress to your 90-minute workout goal throughout the week. There is a one-person limit to this goal setting and tracking system though.

In terms of warranty protection, the TC10 has you covered with a two-year warranty.


It is very easy to see why this unit is the top-of-the-line unit for the Bowflex Treadclimber series. Not only does this unit pack a robust 4.5mph maximum motor, the TC20 has three challenge settings that really get you going. In fact, these three settings make you feel like you’re being looked over by your very own personal trainer.

Just like the TC10, this model has an electric LCD display console but instead of just tracking and motivating one user, the TC20 can accommodate tracking goals for two users. Thanks to its G.O. Coach technology, you can interact with this unit’s console to set up your workout goals and the machine will track your progress. Your console even compares your workout results.

With the TC20, not only do you get a powerful machine that gives you the traction and speed range you need for a great and fulfilling workout, its features pave the way for you to get ‘addicted’ to your workout routines because you can develop a positive feedback loop. The more progress you see towards your goal, the more motivated you get.

Considering that a large percentage of Americans let their workout equipment go idle a few months after buying such units, the TC20’s programmable goal system gives you a means to get the most value out of your TreadClimber.

The TC20 comes with a three-year warranty that covers the whole machine. This model also comes with the Bowflex® Body Weight Loss Plan

Whether you’re looking to tone up, lose a lot of weight, or just enjoy an active lifestyle, there is a Treadclimber model that fits your needs. Check out the different models’ features and benefits above and pick the model that makes the most sense based on your schedule and fitness goals.